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You Have A Clear Choice

I invite you all to listen to my first radio commercial.

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It’s Time For New Leadership

The representative you elect in District 14 will play an important part in selecting the leadership of the State House. The selection of our House Leadership will define the bills that get put on to the floor. I would like to discuss the status of our current leadership and why I want to change it.

Joe Straus is the current Speaker of the House. He was elected in 2009 by 11 Republicans and 65 Democrats. To reward those Democrats for supporting him, out of the 34 House Committees, Straus appointed 16 Democrats as chairmen. Is it right that we have a Republican Speaker who appoints nearly half of the Committee Chair positions to Democrats? I think things need to change.

Joe Straus’ wife is a former board member for Planned Parenthood. Joe Straus opposed a bill that would place limits on TSA screenings in Texas. Joe Straus holds power because he has the support of all the Democrats and the remaining moderate Republicans. My opponent supports Straus. He received $5,000 from Straus’ PAC, the Texas House Leadership Fund.

The people sent a powerful message in 2010. They showed that they want real, conservative change in our government. That can not happen as long as Straus is allowed to remain in power. That is why it is extremely important for you to send someone to Austin that will fight for new leadership. There is not a Democrat in Texas that can stop our Conservative agenda from becoming a reality. We must start looking past the Republican label and elect true conservatives who will fight against the moderate establishment. I pledge to be that kind of fighter for you.