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Century 21, Beal Part Ways With Candidate Hal Hawkins

College Station, TX, 03/16/2012 – On Tuesday morning, State Representative candidate Hal Hawkins was released from his position as a Realtor® at Century 21, Beal.

Mr. Hawkins issued the following statement:

“While I understand that politics can be a blood sport, I did not believe that it would cost me my job or threaten my livelihood. Friday evening, I filed as a candidate for State Representative, and on Monday afternoon, my broker, Mike Beal called me requesting that ‘we move on’ from our current working relationship. I respectfully requested to be allowed to remain under contract until it expired at the end of the summer. He responded that he ‘would get back with [me],’ wished me the best of luck in my race, and reminded me that ‘[he] was good friends with John [Raney]’ and had ‘known him since 1960 before there ever was a Hal.’ The next morning, Mike Beal called to inform me that I was to be terminated, effective immediately.

While I disagree with Mr. Beal’s decision to terminate my employment, I understand that in the free-market a business owner has the right to protect his interests for any reason. I do hope that this decision was not done to create an unfair, political advantage. This event does not affect my candidacy, and my campaign will continue as planned. I quickly found employment with another brokerage and will continue to practice in my community. Thank you.”

Hal Hawkins Announces Candidacy for State Representative

College Station, TX, 03/09/2012 – Hal Hawkins, has officially announced his candidacy for State Representative, District 14. Mr. Hawkins issued the following statement:

“While I congratulate Mr. Raney for his success in the special election, Republican candidates should be held accountable to Republican voters. I believe that conservatives in this district are still searching for a candidate who shares their values, opposes gambling and new taxes, and will challenge the current, establishment leadership within the Legislature.

Texas will face some serious challenges in the upcoming 83rd Texas Legislature session and the years beyond. Once elected, I will dedicate myself to overcome these challenges by working to change the leadership in our Legislature, reducing taxes, moving towards child centered funding for education, challenging Roe v. Wade, and ending illegal immigration by securing our border. Texas is the greatest state in the union, and will continue to be with a limited, financially responsible, and trustworthy government based on conservative principles. I will make the tough choices necessary to reach these goals. I invite everyone to join me in this endeavor, so that Texas may become a beacon of liberty and a symbol of prosperity throughout our country. Thank you.”

Mr. Hawkins is a local realtor, founder/creator of, current Communications Chairman for the Republican Party of Brazos County (of which I am resigning in order to run in this race), and recent candidate for College Station City Council.